Recyclerview with card view android example

Recyclerview with card view

RecyclerView is a powerful tool to draw a list or grid in your android application. Everyone should use Recyclerview with card view for good design. When RecyclerView is not there then the user needs ListView for the list and GridView for the grid, But now Android provides a great tool RecyclerView to draw both with one single view.

In the Android, RecyclerView is a more advanced, powerful and flexible version of the ListView. Android RecyclerView is similar to ListView.

With material design, a new view was introduced through the support v7 library, called CardView. We will show you how Android CardView can be implemented in a RecyclerView list.

Android CardView provides a more advanced and flexible way of implementing complex and custom listview with more functionality that is required for your apps.

Project Files

Let’s discuss all of the required file and code to implement this example.

Dependency for Recyclerview with card view

Most importantly, The RecyclerView is available in the support library. So we need to add one script in Gradle dependency.

After that, to use the CardView in your app, add the CardView dependency in Gradle.

If you want to include card view with your RecyclerView list then you have to need above all in your Gradle file like this.

RecyclerView Layout

Firstly, create your RecyclerView code for your layout.

CardView Layout

Secondly, create your CardView code for your layout.


Thirdly, You need to create your class is defined below like this.


Data Model

After that, create your data model for the list.


CustomAdapter for the list.


In conclusion, I want to say something for Recyclerview with card view is an amazing combination to draw your list or grid easily. Moreover, everything depends upon your coding strategy to make the lightweight project.

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