How to create Pagination with PHP and MySql

Pagination with PHP and MySql

Pagination is a very important and useful section of my website. So, In this article, I am going to show you create a pagination with PHP and MySql. You have seen that every website must have a pagination concept.

What is Pagination?

Pagination is the process of separating content into discrete pages. That’s mean an entire page divided into several parts. Then pagination provides high speed and low risk of web page loading. Let’s start with this example to solve the pagination problem.

Project Files

First of all, you need to connect to the MySQL database with your PHP.

Config File

Connecting to Database is often a required task for showing data in any PHP file.

Now, you need some more information for pagination like how many records you need in a page, pagination style, etc. For pagination style we need to create some logic where you must pass these values:

  • request_url
  • limit
  • total_page
  • current_page

Pagination Method

In next step make your MySQL query to fetch your total no of records and calculate total no of pages according to your page per item limit.

Fetching records from MySQL

Now you create your MySQL record query like this:

CSS file

For attractive pagination with PHP and MySql link you need some stylesheet for CSS:


Finally, your last page should be like this:


To make your page easier to scroll and reduce load time then you must try this example of pagination with PHP and MySql. Because this example gives you a short method of implementing your pagination with good display a result.

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