How to Convert Text to Image using PHP

Convert Text to Image

In this example, you will find an amazing technique of PHP code. Yes! you can convert text to image using PHP. Some of the cases we need to create an image dynamically when the web page is loading.

Then a question raised in the mind – Can I convert text to image in PHP? the answer is Yes, why not. For doing this activity you just need to do a few steps.

5 steps to convert text to image

These steps are given below.

  • Check your GD library extension is on in your current PHP version.
  • If it does not enable simply just un-comment it.
  • Include phpTextToImage class in your project.
  • Create an object of this class.
  • Call create image function with your text.
  • Call save function with your file name and location.

Features of Library

This library has numbers of features which fulfill your all requirement, these features are given.

  • Create dynamically text image.
  • Set your text font.
  • Choose an image background.
  • Set your text color also.
  • Adjust your image height and width.

You must check these links:

Let’s start with the example. First of all, include the phpTextToImage class in your project files.

Now, create your project file where you want to create the image of your text dynamically, and just include class and create an object like this:

After that, simply use this $img object to create your image with createImage function

If you want to save the image in your physical location you just need to call a saveAsPng() or saveAsJpg() function with your filename and location.

Your final code is


In conclusion, you can see the result of the GD library. The output of the given text will be like this.

output of the given
output of the given

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