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How to start coding in PHP with 'Hello world'

PHP is one of the most popular open-source and server-side scripting language. PHP is a powerful tool for making dynamic, interactive websites and you can do much more with it. It can be learned easily.

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How to connect to MySQL database using PHP

Let's start with PHP and MySQ. The first thing to do is connect to the database MySQL, and try to get information on database tables on the page. The function to connect to MySQL is called mysqli_connect ().

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How to combine or merge array in php

Beginners have lots of confusion between array combine and array merge in PHP. So I just go through with this post to introduce the difference between the array combine and array merge in PHP.

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How to create multidimensional Array in php

We know an array is a special variable, which can hold more than one value in one single variable. In PHP array can be used multiple types which can be a single or simple array and multidimensional array.

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How to use session in php

PHP session is used to store information in a variable temporarily to be used across multiple pages. PHP session creates unique user id for each browser to recognize the user and avoid conflict between multiple browsers.

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Vibrate Android Phone Custom

You can vibrate your Android device using few lines of code in your project. Vibrator is one of the most and useful devices for mobile phones.

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Let's Play Tic Tac Toe